Our main activity is the management of touristic villas, or second homes that are in the market for tourist rentals.
This management extends to the entire property, as we offer the most diverse services. Essentially, what we do is: the client/owner gives us the management of his property and we treat of everything, leaving him free from worries about breakdowns or other situations. If you have a villa to rent, we make the reception and monitoring of the tourists until their departure, with 24 hours contacts available for any eventuality.

We also do the cleaning of both interior and exterior sides of the villa, providing an efficient and experienced team to do so. Having flexibility in schedules and dates, always provide the best possible service to our clients and tourists. The type of products to be used as is from the preference of our customers. We also offer laundry and shopping service.

We have a large team of professionals that carry out repairs or renovations whenever requested or needed.

In the event that you already work with other companies or individuals in the maintenance/cleaning of your villas, there isnĀ“t any problem, our management may only include the supervision and payment of wages, being totally available to accept any request regarding other jobs/services from our clients.